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SEO Audit

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Malaysia seo company for Audit service

We are Malaysia seo company Providing seo audit. and we have a large number of  SEO Audit expert in Malaysia can help you to provide best and cost effective audit service. we will check your website against our checklist and come up with recommendations fix needed. Since there are various Audit tools are available. That we can use to do SEO audit for a website. So Hire us as a SEO auditor for your company. Because the cost is reasonable for manual audit are specific to your website and are not generic like those produced using a tool.

Why do you need SEO Audit service?

First of all its will allow us to identified the changes that need to be made to your website. A detail analysis on how your website. and the details of performing in search Engine, social media, number of internal/external links and any other information. A list of actions will perform based on a SEO audit checklist. complete Internet marketing strategy report of your website.

SEO Audits is containing an internal and external analysis. That gain a general understanding of the SEO market . while identifying how website will optimized to obtain additional market.

Why Do You Need a SEO Expert

If you are having trouble ranking your website in the search engines. We can help to let you know why it’s exactly happening. by providing the SEO audit report to client to improve their website accordingly. please contact us for best SEO Audit Service.

Keyword Audit

Website Page Inventory
Keyword Research and Analysis
Target Keyword Identification
Competitive Metrics Report

Content Audit

Content Score & Analysis
Page Title Optimization
Homepage Review
Blog Post Optimization
New Content Opportunities

Technical Audit

SEO Best Practices Review
Page Speed Analysis
Site Crawl for Tech Issues
Mobile Friendliness


Link Audit

Link Profile Assessment
Blog Sharing Metrics
Brand Signals Review
Social Platform Review